Monday, November 12, 2007

And the winner is...

I know you were all eagerly awaiting the results of the submissions for our haiku contest.

"The Jury Box gives
shelter from dull downpour of
Dearborn tedium."
- Todd Cerveris

"twelve men in a room
why oh why do they yell so?
oh god, the fighting!"
- Mike DiSalvo

"An unseen bullfrog
plops into the play - Prosky
I'm angry again"
- Richard Thomas

"and I spent two days
writing a detroit haiku
but had the form wrong"
- Allen McCullough

But I think the winner, hands down, if only by dint of volume, is the submission of Amy's dad - a haiku for each and every one of us!

"Hail to Mike Boland
First in all the cast he is,
Juror number one

Who's Todd Cerveris?
Why can't you see so plain, he's
Juror number two

Julian Gamble
A consummate thespian
Juror number three

Juror number four
Needs a special guy, so call
On Jeff Heyenga

Moving on, we see
There, as juror number five,
Great Tom Gebbia

Handsome Charles Borland!
Loud applause for his role as
Juror number six

Number seven is
Lucky for some, such as our
Mark Morettini

Juror number eight
Needs quiet heroism.
It's Richard Thomas!

Then Alan Mandel
We all know is known to all:
Juror number nine

Which juror's next? Ten.
A grade that's top, A +.
Call Kevin Dobson

Eleven’s accent,
Tried and true. It needs a mensch.
Hence, David Lively

Call on Tony Ward;
Fills the bill and jury box
These silly musings

No, wait, it's not done!
We need a Mike Disilva
To get in and out

Jeff, Dave, Alan too
Relax, you're backed really well:
Stephen Bradbury

Our Benim Foster
Understudy exemplar
But are four enough?

Allen McCullough
One, three nine and ten and guard
We think that’s enough.

Old pro calling shows,
John Galo does it better
The trick? Cast and crew.

Lovely Megan Schneid,
Is now winning life's roulette
With lucky seven

Ah, now, An Trimble
Keep us in stitches, betimes,
'Though you're short an "N."

This light never fails:
Ger Sweitzer is now plugged in
See him for limelight

Eh? What's that you said?
If you're not hearing quite right
Call Timmy Schmidt fast

Gardiner Frascia,
Listen now, it's up to you -
Keep jury box full!

Who needs a mascot?
Angry men, to soothe.
Norman fills the bill

Can Reginald Rose
E're top this magnum opus?
Of course not. He's dead.

Scott Ellis is tops
At telling us what to do
At least he thinks so

'Get on the bus now!’
Exasperation showing,
Amy taps her foot.

Detroit, Michigan
One more week, then we all go
On a break. Thank God."

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KDPaine said...

That sounds like vintage John MIchael White to me... Amazing. and thanks for the blog.. I love following you guys..