Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello from Michael McEowen

Hey 12 Angriest! and Megan, the least Angry.

MMSM from Des Moines with Camelsnot! Sitting in my little office watching the lava lamp perambulating, while waiting for the backstage tour I am doing this afternoon, just before the mini-put in for a poorly cast Merlyn. Should be a fine time. Nice house for a barn, nice hotel down the street that is in the midst of renovation. Des Moines downtown is dead! The other day I counted 12 people on the "busy" intersection downtown.

Lou Diamond Phillips is our headliner. Not a great singer, but does well in the talk-sing role and provides a great deal of energy onstage. A big poker player, buys a lot of drinks and is fun to be around, what could be finer? I think, no I know that our show gets much darker than your show, even when your storm comes! The other night, the calling SM disappeared in the dry ice fog! The hose didn't get placed correctly and he got fogged! We held the curtain for a tornado in Louisville last week, very exciting!

Wish I were still with the Angry Men, but it all came down to the almighty dollar and some perks that were worth a few more Washingtons. E. Lansing next, then Buffalo, Turkey Day in Cincy,(some of the cooking provided by Lou), then Hershey before a 6 week lay off.
(I think the show may close after that, but no one is saying that outloud, yet).

MMSM, down the road.

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